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Over the years, I’ve learned that there really are some problems that contain their own solution, problems that will solve themselves. I mean, looking at them, you can actually see how the elements of the difficulty fit together perfectly to build a little machine designed to self-destruct. Meanwhile, you just have to be patient and quietly contain the damage from the periphery. Now, if only I could learn how to be more patient and quieter.

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  1. I read this a couple of days ago and kept thinking about it, and it’s true. It’s a great way to look at problems versus the alternative (freaking out, dwelling, etc). Patience & quietness .. not my strong suit, either. Practice makes perfect, I guess?

    • Pointlessly dwelling on and worrying about things is a problem for me too, but I’ve gotten a bit better about that. I still lose some sleep over problems I can’t do anything about, but not entire nights anymore, so that’s an improvement. Practice does help. Sometimes when I start going over a problem in my mind, I try to remember similar problems from the past that have resolved themselves and that helps me relax. Here’s hoping the pattern keeps playing out.

      • That was me. I don’t know why WordPress is showing me as anonymous when I’m logged in.

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