cocked-up copypasta

So, I’ve been noticing lately how many ancient typos and spelling errors I preserve when I copy and paste some old piece of crap I’ve written from one of my other journals or whatever to here and there. I find it disheartening. However, it’s difficult to keep track of these things when I’m busy making up new, unnecessary words or smushing old ones together. There’s that red squiggle again. Smoosh? Nope. Anyway, you’d think I’d learn from this. You’d think I’d learn to be more careful, if not more coherent. Yet, I persist. Yet, I likely will persist. I never learn.

Just thought I’d mention it.

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  1. menarik
    salam persahabatan

  2. I’m guessing you’re a bot of some kind, but you seem harmless enough and I don’t get many comments, so… Okay. Salam.

  3. What kezedot said.

    This reminds me of my 17 year old self who used “embark” as a noun in the title of a website. Geocities has since taken my “embark into the unknown” down. Such a pretend shame.

    • Awww. Geocities. That brings back memories. And a migraine. I guess all the old Geocities lie in dust, now. Poor little things. They never stood a chance.

      By the way, “embark into the unknown”, reads like an imperative, so it wasn’t really all that bad.

  4. I failed to mention that I put an “An” in front of the “embark.” I blame one too many trips to the mall.

    P.S. I like the title of this entry.

    • Well, at least it wasn’t an “A”. Thank you for your liking. Happy Thanksgiving or not, whichever you prefer. I’m being thankful for a day off from work, but not for the heavy rains, which are delaying my dog’s morning walk and making us both somewhat anxious.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too :) (Pretend I said that yesterday.) Hope you and your doggy made it outside okay without too much rain in the way.

    • I’ll pretend, if you say so. It was actually a better Thanksgiving than I had any right to expect. A deer had run into our yard to die the day before and I took it as a bad omen. He was a nice, strong looking fellow too.

      Mr. Poopus and I had to make many short jaunts out and about as opposed to our usual two long walks with several shorter heres-and-theres because of weather and neighbor dogs running loose and bugging us, but we got the job done.

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