slight climbing, sleepily

Oh how these dreams will weave deceiving. Fright, desire, like, unlike, I cybershare them, so to clarify or clear my mind or conscience is it I’m unburdening merely by way of bears or bear-hugs preferable. Some names would fit here nicely in with assonance which is addictive in me, but I’ll be discrete and not repeat them nor will I kiss and tell or rather wish-to-kiss et cetera… If wishes were kisses, I’d be Brad Pitt or somesuch. Ah, there’s one potential hit. I’ll tag it so. Exploit it. In this internet, there’s nothing I’m not capable of or very little with so very little culpability. I’ll tempt me into Latin in a minute, so it’s time to end this uninspired more-or-less, half-hearted as my heart and aspirations are otherwhere and otherwisely occupied in last night’s dreams I wish I could recall more of, moreover.

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  1. I’m so ashamed for missing this loveliness for so long.

  2. Have you considered an account on Twitter? That way, I could see you more often.

  3. Well, shoot, thank you. That’s awfully nice to hear. I’m never sure if it’ll sound in others’ heads the way it sounds in mine.

    I’ve tried a Twitter, but for some reason it doesn’t agree with me. Maybe it’s the space constraint. There isn’t much there, but it’s JollySolemnsong if you want to look. I was trying to reboot myself with a new name. (I’m pretty sure you can relate.) However, the boots never did quite fit.

  4. I’ll have a looksee.

    P.S. I’d forgotten I was once found by girls with stuffed bellies.

  5. I came on here to let you know Brad Pitt is highly overrated, and then read comments and realized it was you who followed me on Twitter the other day. I had no idea! (Although the Sarah Silverman could’ve been a hint.) Keep being on Twitter please.

  6. Hi, Jeks. I’ve been missing you. He may be overrated, but I’ll bet he still gets kissed a lot. I’ll stay on Twitter now that you and gossamer have tripled my following.

    Nah. I was gonna stay anyway. The Sputter thing was just a joke, but I checked the dictionary and sputter may actually be too dynamic a word for what I do on Twitter.

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