The Wire, Season 5, Episode 8 (Spoilers)





(But at least it wasn’t Marlo who got him.)

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  1. You gotta appreciate the surprise actor … and of all folks, little thug kennard! Happy Watching.


  2. Yeah. I know what you mean. The little psycho would probably go on to rule the streets were The Wire to run forever (or at least make one hell of a serial killer), but I’ll be mourning Omar for some time. It’s rare to find a character in a television show created with so much care and detail by the writers and the actor who portrayed him, Michael K. Williams (who I hope goes on to do more great work and get recognition for it).

    And damn it, if Marlo Stanfield survives this season I will be royally pissed. Though I’m sort of hoping Chris and Snoop make it out alive.

    Eh. I should have seen this coming though. It’s the Wild Bill Hickock thing. It ain’t the other bad ass who gets you in some epic shoot-out, it’s the little twerp who sneaks up behind your back.

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