Bad poetry. Bad delivery. Bad idea.

And, oh yeah, bad religion. Good thing these kids say they aren’t shouting or bragging because you sure as shite-is-mighty could have fooled me.

 Note: That link was working when I put it up, but now the video appears to be “unavailable”. I’m not sure why. Anyway, it was this sappy video on Veoh of various young people reciting a godfuckingallahawful poem called “I am a Christian”. 

It made me wanna womit.

 Note ii: Looks like the guy who posted that video took it down right after I commented on it. Geez. It’s a shame it can’t always be that easy. If it were, I’d start contacting Islamists as well.

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I love

when it works. Which it isn’t now. And wasn’t last night. Or yesterday afternoon. I’m staying home from work because of back pain and with all this time on my hands, of course, my favorite blogging site decides to go belly up.


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Why are so many women misogynistic?

I need to know.

 I’m starting to think it’s my fault somehow.

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Unfire Emma Clarke

Anyone who is offended by these playful messages deserves to be insulted more often.

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