Unholy: A Lovable Mess

This has got to be one of the crappiest movies I’ve ever enjoyed. It looks like it was shot on discount videotape. The production values are nonexistent. Some of the supporting cast seem as if they’ve not only never acted before, but may not even know what acting is. A lot of the dialogue is downright stupid and I’m guessing that this bunch had roughly three days of rehearsal time before the film was shot.

Unholy looks so shitty, in fact, that it appears to be more of a proposal for a movie than a final product. Yet, it’s good. Somehow. It has Nazis and witches and time travel and invisibility and mind control and sunflowers and tomatoes and it’s really pretty fucking creepy. Speaking of creepy, I’d still like to do Adrienne Barbeau.

I’m guessing this flick went directly to video and I doubt it’ll be seen much outside of cyberspace and then some big studio will by the rights to it, do a proper remake and this version will all but disappear. See it while you can especially if you’re a fan of extremely low-budget, off-the-wall movies like I am.

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