p.s. to old business

The following video was part of my David Icke magnum opus (And I can call it that because it was accidentally, some might say mysteriously, deleted.) and while I’m not yet prepared to remagnumate that particular opusimication (or, indeed, vice-versa) , I think this video is well worth a look.

And here’s the URL in case the embed doesn’t work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZGh5cCiEF8. Also, you can go to YouTube and search for reptilian or even reptillian. Sometimes misspellings yield even better results than correct ones online. Have you noticed that?

I think it would be wonderful if someone tracked down this young woman and let her know how her image was being used, if she’s not in on the game herself. Can you imagine coming across such a thing and finding that a bunch of delusionists had been putting forth the theory that you were an alien, demoniac or Icke Lizard Reptilian what-have-you? I’d dig it myself if it happened to myself, but I’m guessing others might not.

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