As long as I get to sleep early enough, I rather like waking around midnight or one a.m. as I did this morning. I’ve had nearly a pot of coffee and two Michelob Lights and time to adjust myself to the thought of facing another day, dealing with bills, securing funds and cigarettes and stocking up on ravioli and gnocchi at work. I love work when I can work alone and quietly or at least when it’s quiet around me. I’ll probably be singing The Minstrel Boy at the top of my lungs as the ravioli dough and I groove along this morning. Gnocchi seldom require a song. I suppose it might seem odd to sing an Irish song while making Italian food. My genes are mostly Italian with just a smidge of Welsh and Irish and probably Scottish thrown in, but man can them Irish make some music. This is the most serene I’ve felt in weeks. Early to bed and early to rise, I say. Yes. Yes I do. Feel free to use that phrase if you so desire.

I’m beating the sun to work today. Once that’s done, the sun will only gently burn.

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