just a thought on that Grindhouse thing

So Deathproof was almost kind of good, but Quentin Tarantino is still obsessed with the idea of hanging out with the cool kids who wouldn’t talk to him in high school so we have to sit through what feels like hours of these hot bitches yammering at each other about totally quotidian horse shit. A couple of good crashes, a little suspense, but then the bad guy folds way too easily and the ending is a bit too abrupt and a bit too silly.

Planet Terror, I like absolutely fucking love unconditionally. This surprised me as Robert Rodriguez usually disappoints on some or several level(s) (Sin City not withstanding, but ya gotta give Frank Miller a big chunk of credit for that one.) in my experience, but he makes a nice little zombie type flick here though it’s more like the great, cheap, crappy horror/sci-fi/monster flicks of the 80s that I so and dearly, dreadfully love than anything from the early 70s which is the era the creators are trying to evoke.

But the best thing? The best thing of all about Grindhouse is the trailer for the nonexistent Machete. Fucking perfect. Now that’s a movie I’d like to see, provided it’s no more than 88 minutes long.

“They just fucked with the wrong Mexican.”

Fucking. Perfect.

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